Frankfurt Wingertstraße

Comfort, urban flair, and tranquility

In Frankfurt’s highly popular Ostend district, the “Wingertstrasse 29-31” new-build project is creating 47 owner-occupied apartments that are the true epitome of high-grade living standards today. While Frankfurt may be renowned for its high-rise skyline, in its urban Ostend district you will enjoy comfort, urban flair, and tranquility. Sometimes it is the places that don’t stick out at first sight where urban life is at its most diverse and vibrant. Such districts tend to have the feel of a pleasurable oasis about them. With their markets, neighborhoods, the “Italian” or favorite café round the corner, they give rise to their very own cultural microcosms. Added to which, it’s only a few minutes to downtown, with the Goethestrasse and Zeil shopping streets, the opera, and the riverbank with its lines of museums. The CBD and the ECB are likewise both within spitting distance. In fact, here everything is round the corner. Anyone looking for a beautiful new urban home to which they can retreat while still remaining right in the thick of things need look no further: “Wingertstrasse 29-31”.

Fertigstellung 4th Quarter 2022
Standort Frankfurt am Main Bornheim
Wohneinheiten 47 apartments incl. underground parking
Gewerbeeinheiten 1 - around 70 m²
Wohnfläche around 66-197 m², 2-5 living rooms
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